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November 30, 2021


Barracks, kitchen, water supply energy supply facilities, and canteen Military Institute
Library Renovation and Financial Support Project Yerevan State University
Monthly allowances fund - Hayastan Fund Relatives of deceased military personnel
Construction, Furniture Chldran Secondary School
Establishment of Computer Network Six main libraries of Yerevan including State University's Library (through collaboration with Open Society Institute)
Reconstruction of Mary Izmirlian children house in Yerevan Children house #13 of the Ministry of Social Welfare
Community and tourism development, South Armenia Meghri town Bed and Breakfast
Loan for financing micro-finance loan program for farmers Ecumenic Church Loan Fund (ECLOF) Armenia
Loans for financing SMEs Izmirlian- Eurasia Universal Credit-Company
Loans for financing SMEs IF-BSTDB Joint Finance Facility


Armenia is a mountainous country with an average elevation of 1,800m above sea level. The lowest elevations are more than 400m above sea level.
With over 5,000 cultural and architectural monuments throughout the country, Armenia has been described as an open air museum.

Armenia is a land of stark contrasts and home to a resilient, industrious people with great love for the arts and sciences. Armenians are well-known for their hospitality and visitors will find a pleasant and friendly atmosphere everywhere they go.